I’m Chris Coey


I have been working in the personal fitness industry for over ten years and I have trained over 20,000 sessions

Why I am a trainer

At my core, I care about people. It excites me when I see someone making progress or feeling the effects of training. I enjoy working side by side with my clientele to help them better their self image, mentally grow, gain confidence, and most importantly...achieve their fitness goals! It is truly a rewarding experience and my favorite thing about working as a trainer.

Creating a lifestyle change

I recognize that training is more than just going to the gym and exercising. There is a psychological and mental aspect that goes along with it as well. I have spent significant time in my career not just studying exercise, but also the psychology behind it as well and hold a certification in Behavior Change. I believe this is one of the key components to my client's getting results therefore I feel it deserves a lot of focus. During our sessions, my goal is to not just get you in shape, but to trigger a mental shift that will lead to lifestyle changes that last forever.

A medical & fat loss background

I first started working as a personal trainer at a multifaceted medical facility. In this facility I worked side-by-side with doctors and physical therapists. I also am a Certified Fat Loss Specialist and a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. My experience gives me a unique set of knowledge on how to handle and work with a variety of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. I am happy to be able to use my ever-current knowledge and expertise to help bring you solutions and success to your health and fitness problems and goals.